Bonnie Tyler

TV THEME SONGS: ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ – Bonnie Tyler

“Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?”

by Mark Keen

“Holding Out For A Hero” would first appear on the soundtrack to ‘Footloose’ in 1984, but flopped on its initial release in the UK.

It finally hit the top ten in the UK in 1985 when it was used as the theme tune to the short lived American detective series ‘Cover Up’.

The series was shown on BBC1 on a Friday (or was it a Saturday) evening and although it only survived for 22 episodes it made an impression on me. Even though “Holding Out For A Hero” was not sung by Bonnie and was actually covered by EG Daily. I’m sure it was the appearance in the series that brought the song back to the publicity attention giving Bonnie a huge number two hit in the UK helped by the iconic video.

‘Cover Up’ had a rather sad history as the lead actor the rather handsome Jon-Eric Hexum tragically died in an onset gun accident after only seven episodes and had to be replaced. The series never recovered and was unfortunately cancelled, never to see the light of day again. However, Bonnie is still going strong and recently released her 17th studio album “Between The Earth And The Stars”, celebrating 50 years in showbiz!

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