FRESH: ‘Naive Heart’ – JO|EM feat. Eetu

Finnish singer JO|EM has releases her powerful duet with Eetu, “Naive Heart”!

by Christopher Smith

JO|EM is singer-songwriter and saxophonist from Finland with a passion for all things groovy and beautiful. Her songs stem from real-life experiences, and the whole singing-songwriting process started when she had to stop playing sax because of a 3-year nerve pain period.

She says ”I am aiming my music to young masses, but want to write about hope and other important messages, while being my authentic self”. Her newest release “Naive Heart” is a power ballad duet with a catchy melody, fresh production and a real story. The perfect balance of pain and hope. This song was recorded in a wardrobe, apparently!

She joins forces with fellow Finnish singer Eetu for this powerful ballad that will give you goosebumps from beginning to end. JO|EM made her debut last year with the song “A Rose And A Bird” and has released two further tracks since then, “X” and “Sincerely Yours”.

Photo of JO|EM by Nelly Tatti and Senni Lätti

For more about JO|EM, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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