FRESH: ‘Sooner’ – YSSY

Canadian duo YSSY are back with their second single “Sooner”.

by Christopher Smith

YSSY, the Toronto-based synthy alt-pop duo comprised of singer-songwriter/producer Elliot Caroll and multi-instrumentalist/producer Simeon Abbott, announces the worldwide release of their second single “Sooner”.

With pulsating synths, sparkling retro flourishes, and heartfelt, relatable lyrics, the self-produced Scandipop-inspired track “Sooner” is an immediately hummable anthem. Caroll explains, “It’s not exactly a love song – it’s an almost-love song. It captures the quiet, self-revelatory, electric moment of realizing how you feel about someone and wanting to tell them ASAP, even if you don’t know exactly how or when you’re going to say it”.

Caroll adds, “There’s a double meaning to “Sooner” lyrically: you want things to move forward, but when a relationship feels this good, you also wish it could have happened earlier”. It translates into a nostalgic time travel theme threaded throughout the imagery in the single artwork and lyric video, the latter of which features retro-tinged glitch art.

The resulting music from their collaboration as YSSY is as catchy as it is thoughtful, with clever lyrics and hints at influences like Max Martin, ABBA, Bruce Hornsby, 90s power pop, and the most creative corners of current mainstream radio. The pair met on a first date and immediately bonded over a shared love of modern pop sounds and classic songcraft. Within months, they cemented their musical partnership and built a studio together.

For more about YSSY, check out their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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