FRESH: ‘Fragile’ – Golds

Golds premier airy and emotive anthemic pop in “Fragile”!

by Christopher Smith

Established in early 2018, Golds is a Chicago-based, synth-driven pop duo, crafting anthemic yet catchy pop melodies, blended with lyrics of vulnerability and a finely tuned sense of youth-centric emotion. Their debut single “Guilty Pleasure” sparked a strong listenership that over time has evolved into a sense of community around the band.

As high schoolers, band members Nate and Andrew considered performing and songwriting to be simple hobbies and untouchable dreams. Years later, the duo is actively and intensely chasing to perform around the U.S. while getting each single they release heard by listeners worldwide.

Working with renowned midwestern producer Jon Class (The Wldlfe, Averly), their modern pop sound continues to push the metaphorical sonic envelope with the intention remaining the same; to convey universally experienced emotions through personal events and stories that listeners find solace in. This evolution is tastefully and powerfully demonstrated in their second 2019 release “Fragile”.

“One of the most organic song writing processes I have experienced was writing ‘Fragile.’ says songwriter and frontman Nate Mitchell. “I was in a state of confusion, anxiety, doubt and anger, all spilling out as lyrics rather effortlessly compared to the months of writing that other songs have taken me. As I lived out the situation more and more, the song grew with me. The lyrics were sinister, then angry, then sad, just as my mind did in my process own grieving”.

Nate continues: “There are elements of all those moments within the song along with moments of clarity during the bridge; realizing that love is bigger than any reasons I was giving to be angry. The minimalistic production of this song was a challenge to manage correctly without it sounding empty or sloppy”.

With a strong strategy of music releases planned for the year ahead, Golds put their best foot forward with “Fragile”, which is out now!

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