Josefine Landelius

FRESH: ‘Mariette’ – Josefine Landelius

Josefine Landelius returns with “Mariette”.

by Christopher Smith

Josefine is a 26 year old Swedish singer/songwriter living in Stockholm, who we introduced to you earlier this year with her song “Who’s To Say?“. Her interest for music has been following her since she was young with dreams of singing and perform all over the world.

Through the years she’s had a hard time believing in herself and never followed the dreams she had as a child. She followed another passion and became a chef. After a few years in the industry she decided to take the step and pursue her dreams, or at least to try. She studied music for two years and a year later she released her first single called ”Home”, which was released in March 2018.

Josefine explains what “Mariette” is all about: “Opportunities and unexpected meetings sometimes takes you to places where you find happiness where you might not thought you would.My grandmother Mariette is a living example of that. As young she had a dream about moving to America, and when she was of age she decided to go for it. But before she was leaving she met my grandfather, and her life took another turn”.

“We talk a lot about the courage to follow our dreams, but rarely about the opposite. The courage to actually sacrifice your dreams. To stay, not run away. Thanks to my grandmother, the decisions she’s made and the dreams she sacrificed I’m here today. And for that I’m forever thankful, I owe her life. Her story is worth to be told, and with this song I would like to honour her and the life she’s lived”.

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