LP is back with a brand album “Heart To Mouth”!

by Christopher Smith

LA based artist LP (Laura Pergolizzi) is back with a brand new single “House On Fire” that is lifted from her brand new album “Heart To Mouth”, which has been described as “both eloquent and unrefined, sensual and dissonant, “House on Fire” is a whirlwind experience upon every listen. A Bossa Nova-influenced track with Spanish guitar, folky vocals, and a fiery intensity”.

The diminutive LP is a master of fan interaction, awing the crowd with her at-times operatic vocal acrobatics while grabbing a cell phone and singing directly into an Instagram story. LP struts and shimmies around the stage, collecting the various gifts (ribbons, flowers, stuffed animals, hand drawn photos) that her adoring fans toss up feverishly. One glance at her Instagram stories shows that this is a nightly occurrence. These fans love her not just for her incredible musical skills but also for inspiring them with her ability to share her vulnerable side while continuing to master the stage and studio. Her numbers are through the roof – over 3.8M monthly listeners on Spotify, 2M channel subscribers on YouTube, a #1 song in 17 countries, and selling 2500-7000 tickets nightly, around the world. Literally around the world – from the U.S. to Italy, UK, Greece, France Poland, Russia and beyond.

LP’s story is a story of redemption. A story of finding yourself amongst the rubbles of defeat. A story of being burned in the forge and rising like the Phoenix, finely tuned to be stronger, better, more resilient. The LP we’re seeing now is not the same LP of a few years ago. Throughout LP’s tenure as a musician she has signed and released from multiple major labels, finally finding her moment when she claimed her independence. She has worked harder than any musician I’ve ever known – writing her own music and as well as hits for others – all while honing her methods and message. In a industry that wants to put every artist into neat little boxes, LP pushed back – coming to realize that no box could contain her awesomeness and that being her unique self was the truest way to success. She found her voice and became the model for standing up for who you are. In short, if overcoming obstacles was an Olympic sport, LP would be a gold medalist.

The songs from LP’s latest “Heart To Mouth” album establish a staying power in LP’s writings that signify things are just getting started for this talented artist. From the power ballad directions of “Recovery” to the indie pop ferocity of “Hey Nice To Know Ya,” LP is revealing a fierceness that had previously remained dormant. It took going through the flames for LP to show us who she is and we at Danger Village know that this is just the beginning of a career that is about to bust wide open.

This knockout star may not be new to the music scene but is set to become the biggest breakout of 2019. The blazing singer has already won the hearts of millions as guests from around the world shower her with handmade gifts, sometimes handing her their own children dressed in wigs to match LP’s signature curly mop and hand-drawn ships across their chests to match her singular tattoo.

We previously saw a glimpse of the real artist (not the show pony the labels wanted her to be) on 2014’s “Lost On You”- a heartbreaking Americana-twinged power ballad that perfectly exhibits LP’s down-home vocal tone. “Lost On You” is a palpable gem that blasted open the European market for LP, turning her into a bona fide pop star overseas. I first heard this song in December and it broke my world open and have since contributed at least 100 plays of the song’s 180,000,000 Spotify plays. If you haven’t heard “Lost On You” yet, stop what you’re doing and listen now!

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Written by aylshamchris

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