EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘Hold My Hand’ – Don Cormell

What was the number one song in the UK on 8th October 1954?

By Hayley Beasley Dye

American singer Don Cornell was at number one for 4 weeks with this song and then again for a week from 19th November.

Now then, this is a love song with a strong religious connection, but I’m here to tell you, Don that holding hands with a lady friend does not grant you that you’ll live forever. No babes and I’m pretty sure that didn’t work out for Adam and Eve either once they sinned (my religious knowledge is shaky at best, so I could be wrong here). Nevertheless, nice try Don, but I find this song a little twee and a tad creepy. Now off you go through the “portal” or whatever you were drivelling about.


“Hold My Hand” is a popular song, written by Jack Lawrence and Richard Myers. It was written in 1950 but not published until 1953.

The hit version in 1953 was a recording by Don Cornell. The song was featured in the film Susan Slept Here (1954), and was nominated for the 1954 Academy Award for Best Song. Cornell recorded on the Coral Records label. His version of “Hold My Hand” was produced by Bob Thiele. It reached No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart for four weeks in October 1954.


“So this is the kingdom of heaven
So this is the sweet promised land
While angels tell of love
Don’t break the spell of love
Hold my hand
So this is the garden of Eden
In dreams it was never so grand
Let’s never leave again
Adam and Eve again
Hold my hand
This is, the secret of what bliss is
And bliss is what your kiss is
At last I understand
So this is the kingdom of heaven
And here on the threshold we stand
Pass through the portal now
We’ll be immortal now
Hold my hand
Hold my hand”

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