FRESH: ‘Wait’ – Damian Lynn

Swiss singer Damian Lynn is back with “Wait”.

by Christopher Smith

Damian Lynn is back with his brand new single “Wait”. The Swiss musician conveys a particular moment when there’s been a general feeling of complete exhaustion and a decision to give in until at the last possible second there’s hope to turn a situation around. This presents a quiet kind of intimacy, using expressive spatial quality balanced through electro beats and pizzicato strings.

Damian’s memory of childhood always included music; his father collected thousands of CDs, in which those sounds filled the family home. Lynn gave solo vocal performances in elementary school, showing a passion for performance at a young age.

He went on to study obligatory instruments, moving onto piano, electric guitar and finally – drums. Having a home base of Lucerne, Switzerland presents Lynn with a meditative perspective on creating: an expansive body of water sits near his studio and lends that calm atmosphere to his melancholic signature sound. Though Lynn feels close to his Swiss wonderland, he finds just as much inspiration while on the road.

Having toured with Stefanie Heinzmann and Laith Al-Deen, the artist has built a dedicated fan base in Germany in just a few years. Lynn’s previous release, “When We Do It”, proved he could deliver an infectious hit with over two million streams on Spotify to date. “Memories” was his 2015 debut, a bold move as an introduction to the scene through a quiet ballad. It still sits at more than two million streams across platforms worldwide.

For more about Damian, check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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