FRESH: ‘Astronaut’ – Noah Horne

Noah Horne returns with “Astronaut”.

By Steve McSteveface

London born singer and songwriter Noah Horne follows up his debut single “Seventeen” with “Astronaut”, co-written and produced by upcoming producers and songwriters Juuice and Meiko, who are starting to write on major label songwriting circuits.

“Astronaut” has already been added to some huge pop/EDM playlists on Spotify, including ‘Tomorrowland Is Love’ which has 100,000 followers and The Vabes which has 50’000 followers.

The electro-pop song is about having to let go of a toxic person Noah fell in love with, told through the story of an astronaut who flies away into outer space and never returns.

Noah tells us “People make you feel like a million miles away and I wanted to write this song to relate to people who felt isolated like I did”.

Noah debuted earlier this year with the song “Seventeen” which together with “Astronaut” will feature on his EP “Lift Off” due for release later this year.

“Astronaut” is available to purchase across all platforms by clicking here

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