FRESH: ‘Light Years Away’ – Skyepaint

Australian artist Skyepaint releases “Light Years Away”.

by Christopher Smith

Skyepaint ​is the solo synthpop project of Newcastle-based songwriter and producer Amos Wellings. His distinct sound fuses the melodic sensibilities of 80s and 90s pop with modern electronic production and shimmering retro synths.

“Light Years Away” is is fourth single, written and recorded his my home studio. Lyrically, the song deals with overcoming the self-doubt that pursuing a creative career often brings. Musically, the song is inspired by synthpop groups old and new, including Depeche Mode, CHVRCHES and New Order, and their use of dynamic shifts and emotive vocals.

Following his 2018 singles ​”Bury Us In Gold” and “What Do You Say?”, Skyepaint received editorial praise from the likes of Purple Sneakers, Laundry Echo, Magnetic Magazine and Auspop, alongside airplay on community radio stations across Australia such as SYN, Raw FM and Joy 94.9.

With an unforgettable live set and keytar in hand, ​Skyepaint has shared line-ups with some of Australia’s finest indie and electronic artists, including BOO SEEKA, E^ST, MEZKO, CLYPSO and more, winning over audiences in Newcastle, Sydney and Brisbane.

For more about Skyepaint, check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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