Tamara Todevska

EUROVISION 2019: What Next – Tamara Todevska

What next for this year’s Eurovision finalists?

North Macedonia: Tamara Todevska

by Christopher Smith

Tamara Todevska has attempted and/or represented North Macedonia three times at Eurovision now! Firstly in 2007 with the song “Tell Me Who You Are”, which failed to qualify for representation. Tamara tried again the follow year, 2008, with the song “Let Me Love You”, which failed to qualify. And of course this year with her song “Proud”, which polled 247 jury votes to finish in pole position prior to the tele vote, which only gave her 58 points. And so Tamara won a total of 305 points to finish seventh this year, the highest ever placing for the country since it first entered the competition in 1996.

33 year old Tamara began her music career in 2003 with the single “1003”. She released her debut album “Sino” (“Blue”) in 2005 and followed this with “Eden Den” in 2015. She has released a total of 27 singles in her home country including many collaborations with her sister Tijana Dapčević, who is also a singer. In 2015 she married retired Macedonian basketball player Aleksandar Dimitrovski.

“Proud” was written by Macedonian songwriter Darko Dimitrov together with Robert Bilbilov and Lazar Cvetkoski. It has so far reached No.3 on the Macedonian singles chart. Tamara has said of the song: “Although initially presented as a feminist anthem, “Proud” is a song for everyone that has been told to put their head down, to follow society’s rules, that makes no sense in the 21st century. Whether Tamara will try a FOURTH time at Eurovision remains to be seen, but her career has now received a big lift both at home and internationally and it won’t be too long before she is back in the recording studio again!

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