FRESH: ‘I Bet You’re Feeling Cool?’ – NY BEIGE

New Zealand artists NY BEIGE releases “I Bet You’re Feeling Cool?”.

by Christopher Smith

“I Bet You’re Feeling Cool” is the latest release from Auckland, NZ producer NY BEIGE. A dreamy pop track about watching an ex flirt with someone else from across the club. Pretty good for a late night drive.

Things get emotional at night, and NY BEIGE attempts to capture the mood of the introspective thoughts that occur when you’re left to think about these things. Love, friendship, self image, confidence and heartbreak. Every song was written at night to further promote this idea.

NY BEIGE is all about capturing the feeling in a song where you feel a personal connection, like the music was made exactly for you and no one else. He uses a lot of distant, reverberated, soft sounds and open spaces to create a nostalgic and longing feeling. With the crafting of moody textures and ethereal tones, NY BEIGE blends pop mentalities with lush musical settings. Starting as an electronic project, the Auckland, NZ based producer wanted more from their music.

With everything all done by NY BEIGE themselves, a unique and special style has been created. Glossy synths and reverberated backdrops are prominent and these sounds are connected with honest and candid lyricism, dealing with themes such as love, self-image and heartbreak.

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