Bilal Hassani

EUROVISION 2019: What Next – Bilal Hassani

What next for this year’s Eurovision finalists?

France: Bilal Hassani

by Christopher Smith

France this year was represented by 19 year old singer Bilal Hassani with his single “Roi” (“King”) which scored 105 points, the same as the Slovenian entry, but as that song had won more tele votes, it was France that would end up in sixteenth place and Slovenia in fifteenth. Bilal was already a seasoned performer having made his debut on the 2015 series of The Voice Kids in France and released his debut single “Wanna Be” in 2016. He released a number of tracks throughout 2017 and 2018 prior to his debut album “Kingdom” that was released in April this year.

The album features “Roi”, which was co-written by Bilal and Madame Monsieur and Medeline, who represented France at last year’s Eurovision, together with the singles “Jaloux” and “Fais beleck”. “Roi” has peaked at No.23 on the singles chart while “Kingdom” has so far reached No.24 on the album chart. Bilal is on tour this Autumn across France to promote the album and with interest across Europe in him, no doubt further dates outside his home country will follow!

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