Marella debuts with “Cerebral Reticulation”.

by Christopher Smith

Daniel Marella is primarily a drummer, but dabbles in piano and taught himself guitar. Born to a Japanese mother and Italian/Irish father, Marella was raised in the diverse Silicon Valley. He writes about his time as a kid in the technology capital of the world, about being a hopeless romantic, and the challenges of being able to find yourself in today’s media filled world.

He currently attends the University of California at Santa Barbara as a Division 1 athlete, majoring in music studies. Marella struggles to find his balance between school, athletics, social life, but channels it in his music. Marella’s debut album “Cerebral Reticulation” was born during his AP Psychology test. He had no idea what the term meant on his FRQ, and wrote down on the test that it would be a cool album name.

Ironically, he does not remember the exact term on the test, but thought Cerebral Reticulation was close and had a nice ring to it. A year later, on June 4th, 2019, this idea came to fruition. “Cerebral Reticulation” touches on his life at UCSB, his relationship problems, and his own mental issues. Marella is currently working on his next EP to be released at the end of 2019.

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Written by aylshamchris

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