No Money Kids

FRESH: ‘The Street’ – No Money Kids

French duo No Money Kids release “The Street”.

by Christopher Smith

No Money Kids are back with a captivating new sound shaped by powerful indie-rock and contemporary pop-culture. Forerunners in the new DIY generation that’s reinventing itself everyday, their lastest album “Trouble” features reckless riffs ripping through the hollows of a smoky electronic mist. The Kids repeatedly surprise and astonish during this new and captivating musical journey.

Dawn chases the night on the outskirts of a waking city, a bright cross is revealed in a vacant lot away. Silence fades with the first subways where workers and night owls meet. “The Street” seems to be mourning. Directed in 16mm by the faithful Leigh Powis (“Hush Hush”, “Chains”, “Take Me To Your Home”, “Rather Be The Devil” and “Government”), No Money Kids reveals “The Street”, a rock poem from their new album “Trouble”. A force retained in the form of a reassuring murmur in homage to the forgotten and the missing.

Their sound first clicked during the studio gig where they met and it wasn’t long before they were drawing media attention during Parisian concerts and international festivals. Several singles were quickly picked up to be used in TV series like Banshee, Night Shift, Veep (with Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Killjoys, Goliath (with Billy Bob Thornton), Dollar and in movies such as Misconduct (with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins) and Baby, Baby (with Bradley Cooper).

Their tracks seduced not only music-lovers but the world of fashion, and songs were used in shows by Schwarzkopf, featured in Stylist and Glamour, before Cotélac claimed them their discovery with the creation of a promotional EP distributed in their shops world-wide. With two acclaimed albums and over two hundred concerts under their belts in France, No Money Kids started touring in Germany, Belgium as well as in England and Hungary. Now they’re back with “Trouble”, their third long-format in four years of existence, proving once again that the band is just as prolific in the studio as on stage.

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