FRESH: ‘Let’s Get Lost’ – Blanks

Dutch artist Blanks releases “Let’s Get Lost”.

by Christopher Smith

Dutch producer/artist Blanks has released his brand new single “Let’s Get Lost”, the follow up to “Wave” and his tenth single since his debut “If You Ever Change Your Mind” in 2016. Blanks is the project of Simon de Wit who describes himself as an “overexcited music boy”!

Think of music. happiness and (over-)excited yelling and you will definitely think of Blanks. The tall Dutch musician rapidly build an international fanbase by his Youtube channel ‘Music by Blanks’ which he started at the age of 15 and has more than 750.000 subscribers these days. He’s not a traditional Youtuber, but a musician that uses Youtube to spread his unlimited love and passion for music.

His Style Swaps have led to collaborations with mega DJ Armin Van Buuren, and more recently Ariana Grande gave him love for “Thank You, Next”. While Blanks is focusing on original music more and more, singles “Don’t Stop” an “Wave” can be seen as his most succesful release so far. Previously Blanks performed during VidCon London as well as VEED Amsterdam. Next Up: A2IM NY Indie Week in NYC, USA on June 18!

While he is blowing up online, Blanks tries to keep the online/offline balance in his life: by creating real life memories with real life friends. With this happy, upbeat release with nostalgic 80s influences he provides a positive sound as an escape from reality, and encourages people to enjoy every moment (and dance while they do it!).

For more about Blanks, check out his WEBSITE and follow him on TWITTER

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