EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG- ‘Memories Are Made of This’ – Dean Martin

What was the number one song in the UK on 17th February 1956?

By Hayley Beasley Dye

Rat Pack member, Dean Martin, was number one for 4 weeks with Memories Are Made of This.

This is one of Dean’s most successful songs and his only one to reach number one in the UK. It’s a very simple song, with only an acoustic guitar and backing singers of accompaniment and a very simple message: bag yourself a wife and life will be sweet. According to this song, all it will take is two sips of wine and bam- you’ll have three kids and a house. I’m pretty sure, this isn’t how these things come about, but then again this was the 50s. It’s quite a nice song, but it doesn’t do as much for me as I imagine it did for people in the 50s.


The song was first issued by Mindy Carson with Ray Conniff’s Orchestra and The Columbians. Carson’s version reached No. 53 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart.

The most popular version of the song was recorded by Dean Martin in 1955. He was backed by The Easy Riders (who consisted of Gilkyson, Dehr, and Miller), who wrote it. On the B-side of the 45 and 78 recordings was “Change of Heart” written by John Rox.

Martin’s version reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart, remaining at the top for five weeks in 1956, while spending six weeks atop Billboard’s chart of songs “Most Played by Jockeys”, five weeks atop Billboard’s chart of “Best Sellers in Stores”, and four weeks atop Billboard’s chart of songs “Most Played in Juke Boxes”. It became a Gold record and Martin’s biggest hit. It was also his only UK number one hit, topping the UK Singles Chart on 23 February 1956, and remaining at the top for four weeks. The song also reached No. 2 in the Netherlands and No. 20 in Flanders.


“(The sweet, sweet memories you’ve given me
You can’t beat the memories you’ve given me)
Take one fresh and tender kiss,
Add one stolen night of bliss,
One girl; one boy; some grief; some joy:
Memories are made of this.
Don’t forget a small moonbeam.
Fold it lightly with a dream.
Your lips and mine,
Two sips of wine:
Memories are made of this.
Then add the wedding bells;
One house where lovers dwell;
Three little kids for the flavor.
Stir carefully through the days See how the flavor stays.
These are the dreams you will savor.
With His blessings from above,
Serve it generously with love.
One man, one wife,
One love, through life:
Memories are made of this.”

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