FRESH: ‘You’re The Reason’ – Intersection

J-Pop band Intersection release “You’re The Reason”.

by Christopher Smith

Rising Japanese-American boys band Intersection have unleashed their new single “You’re The Reason” today! The music video is a must-see! They are also announcing their first album. Intersection are a bilingual boy band who have both Japanese and American cultural background. They made their debut in October last year with their first single “Heart Of Gold”.

The band has released four singles so far, and the music videos of those have earned more than three million views in total on YouTube. The band has been receiving high reputations on their music and fashion. They have made appearances at large-scale events such as 27th Tokyo Girls Collection and Sapporo Collection 2019. They also have been invited to major fashion shows such as Dior and Louis Vuitton. Each member also works as solo.

One of the members, William, started a production on this single with Sack Skelton & Casey Smith in Los Angeles in 2016. The single is the answer to their previous single “Starting Over” that was produced during that time. William newly rewrote Japanese lyrics for the new single and recorded vocal parts of the members this year. The music video of the new single was shot in Los Angeles, the origin of their music production.

Intersection debuted last October with “Heart Of Gold.”, their second single was “Falling”, followed by “Body Language”. The band has kept releasing for three consecutive months. In December, one of the members, Kazuma, released his solo single “To You” (feat. Carlo Redl) under name Kay. Following Kazuma, Mika released his solo single “Tell Me.” Each member actively work as solo as well. The band has also been selected for Artists to Watch by YouTube in January this year.

For more about Intersection, check out their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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