FRESH: ‘Just Like The 80’s’ – Swayday

Welcome Swayday and their new single “Just Like The 80’s”!

by Christopher Smith

Described as a modern take on Duran Duran with the production and vibe of the likes of Charlie Puth and Maroon 5, Swayday are a Swedish pop band consisting of five friends who met in school and discovered they had a mutual passion for music. Their new single “Just Like the 80’s” is an upbeat and feel good pop bop, it’s dreamy disco meets funk with an 80’s feel.

The group say of the new track: “Just Like The 80’s is a song that carries a lot of emotion for us. By use of the 80’s reference it tells the story of two people who have a past together – but something happens that strips everything away and you’re left wishing you could have it back. You sing your heart out just to try getting that one person back in your life”.

Formed of Arthur, the lead singer, who’s performance evolved after years in different vocal ensembles and A-Capella groups. Twins Gabriel and Alexander, who have focused on honing their instrumental and songwriting skills. Tobais who gives the band it’s funky sound through his bass playing and production techniques and last but not least Sixten whos drum arrangements complete the groups very own unique style.

After releasing their debut EP “Time Of Our Lives” which has amassed over one million streams on Spotify, Swayday have been busy writing and recording new music and now they finally return with a new release for their growing fanbase all over the world.

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Written by aylshamchris

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