EUROVISION 2019: What Next – Sisters

What next for this year’s Eurovision finalists?

Germany: Sisters

by Christopher Smith

Since 2011, Germany have amassed two last places, three further bottom three finishes and three top ten finishes including their 2018 fourth place finish with “You Let Me Walk Alone”, so there was new hope for this year’s entry from the duo S!STERS with their song…erm…”Sister”! Friends Laurita Spinelli and Carlotta Truman make up the group who went to Tel Aviv to keep the renewed German flame strong. But it was not to be. “Sister” ended second from bottom with 24 points, all of them coming from the jury vote.

Carlotta made her name as a finalist in the 2014 series of The Voice Kids in Germany and together with Laurita for the singing duo S!STERS. They entered Unser Lied für, the German selection programme to provide each year’s entry to the Contest and won. They were ‘gifted’ “Sister” from songwriters Laurell Barker, Marine Kaltenbacher, Tom Oehler and Thomas Stengaard, and as a member of ‘the big five’, gained automatic promotion to the final with the disappointing that followed. “Sister” has now been released as a single as well as in an acoustic version which is already hurtling up the German iTunes chart as I type this!

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