EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘It’s Almost Tomorrow’ – The Dream Weavers

What was the number one song in the UK on 16th March 1956?

By Hayley Beasley Dye

American vocal group, The Dream Weavers was number one for 2 weeks with It’s Almost Tomorrow and then again on 6th April for another week.

This song has a dreamy quality to it that almost sounds like a lullaby, which is very fitting as I almost fell asleep while listening to it. I don’t altogether dislike it, it certainly has a lovely sound to it, but I won’t be listening to it again any time soon.


“It’s Almost Tomorrow” is a 1955 popular song with music by Gene Adkinson and lyrics by Wade Buff.  The song was actually written in 1953, when Adkinson and Buff were in high school. Hit versions were released in 1955 by The Dream Weavers, Jo Stafford, David Carroll, and Snooky Lanson.

The song reached No. 6 on the Cash Box Top 50, in a tandem ranking of The Dream Weavers, Jo Stafford, David Carroll, Snooky Lanson, and Lawrence Welk’s versions, with The Dream Weavers and Jo Stafford’s versions marked as bestsellers, while reaching No. 4 on Cash Box’s chart of “The Nation’s Top Ten Juke Box Tunes”, in the same tandem ranking. The song also reached No. 4 on Billboard’s Honor Roll of Hits, with The Dream Weavers and Jo Stafford’s versions listed as best sellers.

The song was ranked No. 36 on Billboard’s ranking of “1956’s Top Tunes”, based on the Honor Roll of Hits.


“My dearest my darling tomorrow is near
The sun will bring showers of sadness I fear
You lips won’t be smiling your eyes will not shine
For I know tomorrow that your love won’t be mine
It’s almost tomorrow, but what can I do
Your kisses all tell me that your love is untrue
I’ll love you forever till stars cease to shine
And hope someday darling you’ll always be mine
You heart was so warm dear, It now has turned cold
You no longer love me For your memories grow old
It’s almost tomorrow, for here comes the sun
But still I am hoping that tomorrow won’t come…”

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