INTERVIEW: Asher Knight

INTERVIEW: Asher Knight

A Knight In Pop Music Armor!

Asher Knight is a 21 year old singer-songwriter, born in Bradford, UK.

Asher first discovered his love for singing aged 16, initially reluctant to pursue a career in the music industry, he was introduced to renowned celebrity vocal coach CeCe Sammy to improve his confidence and their working relationship has flourished ever since.

He has recently released his latest EP ‘Step Back‘ so have a listen to the title track and then hear what he had to say when he talked to us.

TAPM: You are giving us some great new music but who are your musical influences?

AK: Hard to narrow it down, I find inspiration in all different artists but my main people I have always loved and looked up too are Take That, Ronan Keating, Beyonce and Michael Jackson.

As well as great music I find inspiration in their performances.

TAPM: Awesome! So What was the last song you listened to?

AK: Hold Me While You Wait”, I’m loving Lewis Capaldi at the moment – his lyrics are so relatable.

TAPM: Cool! And he’s Scottish and a very funny guy – let’s watch him perform that song live!

TAPM: We love ”Step Back’ – tell us more about it…

AK: What I love about music is lyrics can mean so many different things to each person. Personally “Step Back”, is about reflecting on the love you have whether that be from family or in a relationship.

TAPM: What about Eurovision – would you ever get involved?

AK: I love watching Eurovision but currently I wouldn’t enter the show but maybe one day as I do love watching it.

TAPM: Big Shame!

TAPM: We love knowing what the number one song in the charts was when people were born – what was yours?

AK: I have no idea which song specifically was a hit on the day but I do have a love of 90’s to early 2000s pop and been so lucky to have opened up for big artists like Boyzone, Steps and All Saints who all had major hits when I was born. 

TAPM: Okay, now I feel old and I’ll leave you to go off and Google what song was number one when you were born – everyone needs to know this information!

TAPM: Tell us something embarrassing about yourself…

AK: I don’t think this is embarrassing or weird but everyone says it is. I love to have Mayonnaise with everything pretty much, on tour I get a lot of comments from artists, tour bus drivers, crew and catering about the amount I have. I noticed since I joining the tour they have bought bigger bottles of Mayonnaise just so they don’t run out as quick.

TAPM: Okay…

TAPM: What’s your favourite song lyric from one of your songs?

AK:  “I don’t wanna be alone” from my song Letting Go, I just think it’s a heartfelt lyrics that very honest and a strong statement of what a lot of people feel.

TAPM: Nice! Favourite songs lyric ever?

AK: Has to be title lyric “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” by Whitney Houston. Everyone experiences difficult times and that one lyrics reflects so much of what i have been through

TAPM: Good choice!

TAPM: Who is the Queen of Pop?

AK: Thats a hard question!!! So many amazing female artists!!! So has to go to someone like Beyonce as she has inspired so many people to want to sing or perform.

TAPM: WRONG! Despite her latest shenanigans it’s always Madonna! And the King Of Pop?

AK: Michael Jackson has always been referred to as the King of Pop and I don’t see that ending anytime soon.

TAPM: Correct answer! So, what’s the plans for the rest of the year?

AK: Potentially more tours but will have to see as the rest of 2019 going into 2020 will be very exciting time for me.

TAPM: Oh, don’t be shy Asher – we know you are going on tour with Will Young! And we can’t wait!

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