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EUROVISION 2019: What Next – D Mol

What next for this year’s Eurovision entrants?

Montenegro: D Mol

by Christopher Smith

Since its debut in 2007, Montenegro have only participated in just two Eurovision grand final’s, in 2014 and 2015, so having not qualified for three years, every hope was placed with six piece group D Mol with their song “Heaven”, that this year they would break out and reach the final for a third time. But once again, all were to be disappointed. D Mol failed to win enough points to go through and so for a fourth consecutive year, had to sit Eurovision out.

D Mol formed in late 2018 and consist of Tamara Vujačić, Mirela Ljumić, Željko Vukčević, Ivana Obradović, Emel Franca and Rizo Feratović. Following their selection, “Heaven”, written by Dejan Božović and Adis Eminić, was released as their debut single with the video being viewed just slightly under a million times so far on YouTube. Undeterred, D Mol have already released a follow up, “21 Maj.” and look set to capitalise on their new found fame, and we wish them well!

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