FRESH: ‘Close’ – Mauve

Canadian pop artist Mauve releases “Close”.

by Christopher Smith

“Anything this good cannot be close enough” Canadian pop songstress Mauve sings in her newest release, “Close”. The same goes for volume: a track like this one can’t be played loud enough either. “I compare the energy of love to a growing fire” she says of the chill-bop pop track sprinkled with hints of tropical house and R’n’B. The energy a person emits attracts you…then it spreads like a wild fire.

“Close” is the latest ear-bending, genre-blending track in the rapidly emerging popster’s repertoire; the release comes ahead of her forthcoming EP. Her tracks have garnered upwards of 350,000 streams on Spotify, and she was nominated for Best New Artist at 2018’s Niagara Music Awards. A rich voice in a small frame, Mauve grew up inspired by theatrical performances before turning to her piano; from the age of 14, she has worn her heart on her sleeve as she has learned to play and write her own songs.

Mauve states “I am drawn also to the concept of the vocal palate, which is an essential part of the mouth that is used for singing. With my new EP, I hope to create an expression of music that people can visualize and evoke different feelings from just as a painting would. I am not one to create a song that is dull or meaningless to me, so that is why I want all of my work to feature splashes and pops of colours that sparks life and creativity to those who are listening”. Go Mauve!

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