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EUROVISION 2019: What Next – Sarah McTernan

What next for this year’s Eurovision entrants?

Ireland: Sarah McTernan

by Christopher Smith

Ireland ruled Eurovision in the 1990’s with FOUR wins and two further second places, but since the sawn of the twenty first century, things have been a little bit harder for the country, with two last place finishes and failing to qualify six times in the past eleven years! Ireland finished sixteenth in 2018 with Ryan O’Shaughnessy performing “Together”, so after four years of not reaching the grand final, the country was looking to secure its presence with 25th year old singer Sarah McTernan this year with her song “22”. But for the fifth time in six year, Ireland was denied a grand final place when “22” did not pick up enough points to go through from its group semi final.

Sarah made her name when she auditioned for the 2015 series of The Voice in Ireland and reached the live shows but was eliminated on the first show. Sarah returned to studying soon after and after graduating from the University of Limerick, she auditioned to represent Ireland at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Eye Of The Storm” but was not selected in favour of Ryan O’Shaughnessy. Twelve months later, the Irish jury hadn’t forgotten her and she was invited to perform for her country at the 2019 Contest. “22” is written by Dutch songwriter Janieck van de Polder together with Marcia Sondeijker and Roel Rats. Sarah has returned to being a mother to her daughter Mia but I am sure it won’t be too long before we see or hear Sarah again!

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