FRESH: ‘Learn To Let It Go’ – Renwick

Australian artist Renwick releases “Learn To Let It Go”.

by Christopher Smith

Renwick is a 21-year-old Sydney based solo artist, writing and recording dreamy pop from his bedroom. His latest single “Learn To Let It Go” is his most fun track yet and closest nod to popular EDM. “Learn To Let It Go” is a bopper about letting go of the anxieties which surround relationships, “I don’t know if I can love you all the time”, he confesses.

Rewick made his debut with the “Easy Love” EP earlier this year and followed this witht he singles “That’s How It Goes”, “As I Am” and the quirky and ‘uniquely’ titled “I’m Not Happier, I Just Bought A Guitar”! Renwick is based in Sydney and judging from his already prolific output this year, he’s going to be cooking up some more fab tunes for us all yet!

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