REVIEW: ‘Welcome To The Human Race’ – Kaypo

Kaypo – “Welcome To The Human Race”

by Christopher Smith

20 year old Brisbane, Australia singer and songwriter Kaypo (Liam Higgins) has released his debut album “Welcome To The Human Race”. We introduced you to Kaypo back in February when he released the title track from the album and awaited with much anticipation his debut long player. Liam had already released “Blonde Jesus” and “Jacaranda” to wet our appetites and to establish both his style and his own personal brand of indie-pop, just how he wants it to be.

“Welcome To The Human Race” kicks off with the haunting and atmospheric “How This Feels”, with the bare minimum of guitar chords and Kaypo’s sweet, innocent vocals. “Train” continues the theme and if you close your eyes, you really are sitting at that station, somewhere, wherever, sometime. The track picks up two minutes in with an infectious drum beat groove. “Blonde Jesus” is already out there and known. The pace picks up somewhat with this beautiful yet simplistic number and once again highlights Kaypo’s honest and addictive voice.

“Broken Picture Frame” is another great track that will have you tapping your foot in no time as Kaypo dreams and hopes for a bright future for himself: “maybe this will be his rise to fame?” he wonders…(!) “Coming Home” is nothing more and nothing less than a showcase for Kaypo’s skilful and polished guitar playing, while “Jacaranda” (a sub tropical flower) and another previously released track, Kaypo becomes melancholic and laments: “this Jacaranda somehow reminds me of someone I used to know”.

The album closes with a live and acoustic version of “Blonde Jesus” and the title track with its catchy rhythm and just a splash of country-pop, together with Kaypo’s heartfelt, tender vocals. If you’re a fan of well crafted and beautifully performed acoustic songs and crave something a little bit different to the norm, then “Welcome To The Human Race” is perfect escapist fare. Kaypo has created another place to go and offers us all the opportunity to see things in a different light and perhaps the correct way to enter the human race, just as it should be.

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