Halia Jack

FRESH: ‘Waited Long Enough’ – Halia Jack

Halia Jack debuts with “Waited Long Enough”.

by Christopher Smith

Halia Jack is adding a refreshing taste to the current soundscape of music. Steeped in elements of jazz, funk and neo-soul, the Londoner serves up her first record “Waited Long Enough”, taken from forthcoming EP “Dreamland”, and sets the tone for a dynamic and vibrant pastiche of sounds that retains her signature groove throughout.

Evident from the very opening of the record, her contemporary and innovative interpretations of throwback styles hold within them an accumulation of different eras, flawlessly fusing a variety of genres that inform her musical identity. The melodies are inventive, Jack’s voice is delicate yet powerful and her lyrics are compelling in both their ingenuity and simplicity. Candidly capturing her daily musings and internal dialogue, Jack’s music reflects the psyche of every millennial woman in a stirringly raw, unadulterated and authentic way.

Largely inspired by matters of the heart, Jack’s musical creations are a product of a “colourful love life and an eventful dating history”, throughout which she leant on music as a cathartic outlet for her feelings. Traversing existential themes through an intricate exploration of love and dating, Jack is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve and be “unapologetically proud of it”.

Halia’s upcoming EP is set to be released in the late Summer of 2019. A harmonious display of her intertwined musical and personal journeys, Dreamlandboasts an impressively vast sonic scope, admirable creative autonomy and is symbolic of Jack’s immense growth. With an underlying message of honouring and embracing all felt emotions, Jack is effectively reconstructing the DNA of pop music whilst inspiring her listeners to find strength and empowerment in vulnerability.

Halia is an independent singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from London. Halia fuses live instruments and synths with playful lyricism, rousing melodies and raw vocals to create an alternative pop sound, stamping her unique take on a classic style. Taking inspiration from motown, jazz and 90s pop, Halia’s music is intimate but anthemic; personal but universal.

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