“My mission statement is to make the harp a more respected instrument in pop and contemporary music.


Noah Horne is a London born pop singer and songwriter who’s magical twist is that he plays the harp and mixes it into his music.

Sonically, he’s been influenced by Imogen Heap, Sia, Perfume Genius and Clean Bandit. Melodically and lyrically, inspired by Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga.

The themes of his music rotate around alienation and isolation, reflected in the sonic and visual elements of ‘space age optimism’ through his music. Growing up as a gay teenager between London and Norwich encouraged him to write about his experiences of being alienated by peers, who literally made him feel like a million miles away because of who he is.

GIGS: Noah Horne - The Camden Chapel, Camden

London provided him with a safer platform to write about these experiences and share those struggles with others who may also be feeling isolated as a teenager.

The beginning of his exposure to a larger audience began in 2015, when he collaborated with CAMPO (an Arts Centre in Ghent, Belgium), the NNFestival and The Unicorn in London, for the debut singer-songwriter theatre project –  ‘Wildlife FM’.

The project focussed on the struggles of growing up as a teenager and how those experiences were reflected through music.

GIGS: Noah Horne - The Camden Chapel, Camden
The project was granted funding to be able to premiere the show at the Unicorn Theatre in London. It then toured around Europe in 2018, premiering in Ghent, Brussels, Amsterdam, Ayr, Munich and Geneva.

‘Seventeen’ was released on Friday 1st February, closely followed by ‘Astronaut‘!

These two singles are part of Noah’s debut EP, ‘Lift Off’ that he will be releasing in 2019.

Noah says, “Isolation and alienation will be the concept of my debut EP ‘Lift Off’, but the final song of the EP will resolve by showing people how we can overcome exclusion of others and come together to be better people.”


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