SPOTLIGHT: Lostchild

Lostchild – Singer. Songwriter. Small Town Boy.

by Christopher Smith


Lostchild is the musical creation of London based singer/songwriter and producer Joe Copplestone.

Growing up in the small town of Banbury in the Midlands, Lostchild grew up feeling like an outsider, not able to connect with those around him. Feeling lost and lonely for most of his childhood and teen years, he found the one way he could really express how he felt – music. After writing and producing music on his own in his bedroom for no one in particular for years, one day in 2015, Lostchild wrote a song called “Soothe” and put it up on the internet, and thousands of people listened and loved.

A year later he released his debut EP “Dancing With Boys”, remixed high profile artists Anastacia and Vanessa White, and began channeling all his troubles and confessions into his solo music. His second EP “Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough” came in 2017. Anyone who feels disconnected or rejected, like an outsider, or anyone who struggles with low self esteem, has a home in Lostchild’s music.


Lostchild counts Madonna, Sade, George Michael and Frankmusik among his favourite artists.

Since “Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough”, he released his third EP “Blacklist” in 2018 as well as remixing another London based singer Calista Kazuko’s single “Daddy Issues/Come To Mama” earlier in 2019.

Earlier this year, he signed with SP Music Management, already the home to Ben Davidson, Nicki French, Sean Smith, Haywoode, Tiffany and many others and is now assured of even great exposure.

His new single “Like Like” is out this Friday!

Stay in touch with Lostchild through his WEBSITE, FACEBOOK page and follow him on TWITTER

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