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FRESH: ‘Sugar’ – The Hails

US band The Hails release “Sugar”.

by Christopher Smith

Upbeat and danceable, Miami-based group The Hails drop “Sugar”, a cinematic piece about youthful indiscretion sprinkled with the smoothness of 80’s snyth-pop. A crafty juxtaposition that melds truth and fiction, “The lyrics tell a story about a girl who lives life brazenly and recklessly”.

Composed of strewn brass synths that perfectly accompany lyrics like, “She sparkles like a diamond”, the track crescendos into a rhythmic bridge that contrasts the song’s themes of empty relationships, substance abuse and failed fulfillment. Inspired by the cool glamour and fast life of the Miami Vice era, The Hails utilize powerful snares and classic drum machines to create an irresistible trademark sound of their own.

The Hails, a five-piece rock band from Gainesville, Florida, have been together for less than three years. In this short time, they’ve been building a fan base around the state of Florida, with concentrations in Gainesville and Miami. Their last single “Younger” has amassed 800,000 listens on Spotify and has been featured as the No.1 song on both Indie Shuffle and Hype Machine.

With a sound that has been compared to Radiohead, but isn’t confined to one genre, The Hails’ music captures the attention of a variety of listeners. As one music blogger puts it, “their sound is a fresh cross between the grit of classic rock with the smooth undertones of new age alternative”. Now “Sugar”, with more than a nod to the 80’s and with a fresh approach from their sound they have been cultivating, has a super dreamy bridge at around 1:54 and then hits you hard at its dramatic ending.

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