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REVIEW: ‘Frontiers’ – W O L F C L U B

W O L F C L U B – “Frontiers”

W O L F C L U B are brothers Chris, Steven and Tim Wolf from Nottingham in the UK and are one of the foremost and prolific artists of NewRetroWave. “Frontiers” is their brand new and fourth studio album since their self-titled debut in 2017. They’ve been busy releasing an album every year since with “Chasing The Storm” and “Infinity” in 2018 as well as remixing dozens of tracks as well as promoting their own music.

“Frontiers” is another superb album of electro/synth-pop, much of it with a routed sound set firmly in the mid-1980’s. The album kicks off with “Electrify” a perfect Summer drivetime anthem, you can hear the sun radiating through the windscreen as you cruise along the highway or byway. “Flame” continues this theme with a much more profound and epic feel to it. “Symmetry” is definitely a blast back to the 80’s with superb synth and drum programming that could accompany any montage sequence in any of those teen flicks of thirty-five years ago.

The title tracks brings in German jazz trio Indigo for a down tempo electro 80’s slow number that just captures you and envelopes you in its rhythm. “Midnight Fires” brings the tone back up and keeps the sun shine in and all around with its almost pop-y, late-80’s tracking, the same applies to “Rivals”, the next track and another upbeat number. Both tracks are short and sweet but blend together perfectly as if they were actually one. “Gravity” settles back to 80’s retro synth with a punch and atmospheric style.

“Purity” features producer Iko and churns over and over again and again till it just finishes. Perfection. The final two tracks “Reunion” and “Mixtape” go back to the 80’s for more cinematic synth and chilled anthems that link and relink back to the start of this album. It’s another superb long-play offering from NewReroWave in the wake of recent albums from Michael Oakley and Ollie Wride and for all those (like me) who simply cannot accept anything that existed after 1989 and still live for 1984, this is more pure 80’s retro synth music from a time when the tape cassette ruled and there was only use for a computer was to play 24-bit games. Rejoice.

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