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MUSIC: New Retro Wave

It’s fresh, it’s electric, it’s yesterday, it’s NOW! This is New Retro Wave!

by Christopher Smith

New Retro Wave

Ever heard of it? Well if you were a kid in the 80’s there was no getting away from it. New Retro Wave is 80’s music and themes from artists and groups today, that sound exactly like they did yesterday! This is ‘Tron’. The brat pack movies. It’s LA, Beverly Hills, ‘Flight Of The Navigator’, a video arcade game. This is music now, but just as we remember it was 30-40 years ago.

New Retro Wave can trace its origins to synthwave, a genre of electro-pop music that was used in virtually every film, video game and soundtrack of the 1980’s. If you’ve ever watched a John Hughes film, played Out Run or heard the albums of Tangerine Dream then you know it. With a renaissance in 80’s music and artists growing stronger in the early years of this century, particularly in internet communities, New Retro Wave is both a label and a network formed in 2011 to promote the artists of today who write and record the music of yesterday.

This is not ‘covering’ or re-producing. This is new music, written and produced by young and talented individuals, produced in the style that anyone that lived or grew up during the 80’s or follows 80’s music can identify with. For many, myself included, it’s a trip down memory lane and back to a time when there was no awareness of what was happening in the world. Days lasted forever and Summer’s never ended.

New Retro Wave is big and it’s getting bigger all the time, with over 83,000 followers on Facebook, 23,000 on Twitter and 700,000 ‘subscribers’ on YouTube already (increasing by 200,000 year on year). The network also runs a number of playlists on Spotify which it updates on a regular basis and is followed by over 50,000 listeners already. Acts are not just limited to The US, some of the most prolific artists come from the UK and across Europe including W O L F C L U B, Orax, Timecop1983, Waveshaper and FM-84 – who we featured recently with their new release “Bend And Break“.

And it doesn’t stop at online music sharing, New Retro Wave goes live too! With tours and gigs happening all over the world bands like Timecop1983 and FM-84 are constantly promoting and elevating the awareness of New Retro Wave both to those who were there in the 80’s as well as an army of new followers. And there’s also the NRW Radio app that can be downloaded so you can carry NRW anywhere and everywhere!

NRW also spreads to some superb graphic artwork and designs based on 80’s imagery using modern technology to replicate the hand drawings of the past. Sam Todhunter, Art Director for NRW is a prime example, ‘dreaming’ up images for both album covers, posters and comics. Sam says he discovered the synthwave music genre in 2015 and lives “a happy, calm life by the ocean, obsessing over art and music…and Robocop!”.

So slam on Airwolf or ‘Top Gun’, pop some fluorescent socks on and crank up the volume to the max and join me on a nostalgic ride into yesterday and all our childhood memories or if you’re crazy about the 80’s but were not around at the time, then this is for you! “Hey batter, batter, swing batter!”.

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