Ollie Wride

REVIEW: ‘Thanks In Advance’ – Ollie Wride

Ollie Wride – “Thanks In Advance”

Ollie Wride – lead singer with retro-synth group FM-84 – has released his debut solo album “Thanks In Advance”, having previously released the singles “The Driver”, “Overcome” and “Never Live Without You”, all of which are featured here. FM-84 already have a loyal following through the NewRetroWave movement with their popular tracks “Running In The Night”, “Never Stop” and “Bend And Break“, which have many millions of views on YouTube, along with their debut album “Atlas”, released three years ago.

“Thanks In Advance” is exactly what you expect from a NewRetroWave album, it’s 80’s synth-pop all the way with Ollie’s distinctive and soaring vocal and we ease in with the already familiar “Never Live Without You” and “Overcome”, both of which could of been pulled from the movie soundtrack of pretty much any film of 1984. “Back To Life” is more of the same with enough keys and synth’s to accompany any blistering hot day at the beach, ghetto blaster cranked high and sipping Coca Cola from a massive ice bucket! “The Rising Tide”, at over six minutes in length, is the longest track on the album, but nevertheless, effortless cool and calm, reminiscent of those tender love scenes that had to come during any 80’s teen flick.

“Miracle Mile” brings the pace back up and gives us something to dance and move to, whole “Luna” comes back to earth with a smooch and a cuddle for that most romantic of moments…or perhaps the movie scene where they always seemed to be sitting on a rock, staring out to sea in deep thought! “I’m A Believer” is typical NewRetroWave fare and definitely a standard bearer for all 80’s music geeks and freaks (it also bears more than a passing resemblance to the TV cartoon The Racoons in sound – feels like I’m in Evergreen forest already!). For “Hold On”, Ollie strips it right back for a heartfelt ballad with only the smallest amount of synth, perfectly demonstrating both the power and seduction he is capable of producing from his voice.

The album finishes all too soon with the single “The Driver”, a moody journey into 80’s electronica fantasia and Ollie Wride delivers yet another superb collection of retro synth tunes that anyone growing up in the 1980’s will want to remember and reminisce over and over. Ollie, like Michael Oakley, is one of the shining stars of the NewRetroWave synth-pop movement and together with FM-84 and as a solo artist, capable of producing outstanding new music reflecting past glories and a decade where electronics took over from conventional instrumentation, an era where the arcade game, the coming of age teen rom-com and the over-the-top, big budget TV series ruled. “Thanks In Advance” is everything you could possibly want from 80’s music, today whether you’re a fan of retro-synth or a child of the 80’s who just can’t or won’t accept anything that exists beyond 1989!

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