FRESH: ‘Sympathy’ – LOST

Austrian artist LOST debuts with “Sympathy”.

by Christopher Smith

We all enjoy getting lost in the creative process, to feel the urge to make something new and seek inspiration. The actual goal might be the journey, but to enjoy that journey one has to put in the effort. and as Shrödingers Cat emplied: “does art exist, if it is neither heard or seen by anyone?”

In the past couple of years LOST has written over 60 songs that had to be brought to life, sometimes by himself, and other times collaborating with other artists. He is searching for that quintessential something that only pop music can offer. With “Sympathy”, LOST releases the first single after a long work process, and there is much more where that came from! Lets be honest, in times like these one could say: “maybe I could use a little sympathy”.

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