FRESH: ‘Thick’ – JAC

JAC releases “Thick”!

by Christopher Smith

JAC (pronounced Jay-ay-see) is a modern pop artist from Indianapolis, USA. In the last two years, JAC has shared stages with London Grammar, Phantogram, Robert DeLonge, Switchfoot, and many more in addition to performing his own solo shows and appearing at festivals and art events in the midwestern US. His brand new single “Thick” has just been released.

“Thick” is a fun electro/funk/pop song that is simply about the praise of women and women’s fashion and style. JAC’s shows have become known for their pulsating, joyful atmosphere and his songs have been noted for their infectious melodies, and lyrical wordplay & depth. Truly, JAC’s songs authentically channel his unique perspectives on love, obsession, culture, and the future.

JAC are the initials of Jason Aaron Coons. His 2018 debut single “3-6-5” has garnered over 450,000 plays on Spotify, placement in the platform’s coveted “Young & Free” playlist, and has seen glowing reviews from fans and industry alike. JAC’s stellar singles “Cookie”, “Ride” and “Šlape” were released earlier this year.

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