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FRESH: ‘Growing Pains’ EP – Evan Michael Green

Evan Michael Green releases his new EP “Growing Pains”.

by Christopher Smith

Multi-instrumentalist and Berklee College of Music graduate Evan Michael Green aka “EMG” has just released his second EP, “Growing Pains”, the follow up to 2017’s “All The Things That I Am”. The EP contains the recently released tracks “Bad Girls” and “New Identity” as well as the showcase track, “No Ceiling”.

Michael has been on a musical journey for most of his life. Starting off at an early age of composing music by the age of 5, it was determined that Evan had the rare gift known as ‘relative pitch’, the ability to identify or re-create a given musical note by comparing it to what he was hearing. From there EMG began learning music on a host of instruments from the piano to the bass guitar to the sax as he mastered the ability to use his musical gifts. After high school EMG pursued a degree at the Berklee College of Music playing the sax, though it took time for Evan to find his way to singing R&B music. It actually wasn’t until the age of 20 that EMG began to really sing and write music lyrics as heard on the song “Nice Voice”.

The simplicity of the semi-autobiographical 3-chord song with Evan’s vocals led to the success of “All The Things That I Am”. In 2018, EMG released the song and video for “New Identity”, which is layered thick with sarcasm for his doubters and haters. Combining his experiences with those of others, EMG prides himself on storytelling and sharing different stories and lessons he picks up along the way. EMG’s musical journey is not some short-lived day dream, as it has been well documented that EMG risked it all and even lived homeless in pursuit of his musical dreams in Los Angeles.

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