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FRESH: ‘Electric’ – Joy Ami

Joy Ami IS “Electric”!

by Christopher Smith

On the surface, “Electric” may seem like your everyday love song. However, the deeper message behind the track is around self-love and combatting anxiety and depression. Injecting her song with a range of dynamics combined with evocative lyrics, Joy Ami takes us through an emotional journey of highs and lows.

Born in London England and raised in a small town called Luton, Joy has been a story teller from the very start. Ever since she learnt the alphabet she was hitting piano keys and singing along with her mum to Motown classics. Growing up with a piano-playing dad and a singing mother meant that Joy adopted both her parents’ talents, developing and personalising them to discover her own unique brand as a singer-songwriter.

Drawing on a well of inspiration, Joy Ami loves the classics from Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder all the way to current powerful artists like John Legend and Emeli Sandé. Injecting her songs with a range of dynamics combined with evocative lyrics, Joy takes the listener through an emotional journey of highs and lows with every song she creates. Being classically trained as a singer, Joy Ami has a naturally powerful, soulful voice that’s filled with emotion and life. She learnt classical piano by ear and mixes catchy riffs from contemporary pianists such as Ludovico Einaudi to mainstream players like Alicia Keys and John Legend.

Studying Marketing at University ironically fuelled her ambition to stick to her musical roots where she found the most fulfilment. From winning song writing competitions at high school to being scouted to appear on the hit TV show The Voice. Joy Ami was first in the recording studio at the age of 11 after winning her school’s talent scout competition for writing and singing her own song! Joy Ami has also performed internationally. Taking her keyboard to places such as France, Canada and across the UK, she loves to take the audience on a musical journey during each set creating an exciting and memorable atmosphere. She has also featured in releases worldwide from North America to the Netherlands.

Over the past 5 years Joy Ami has grown massively as an artist and songwriter whilst backing issues from mental health to homelessness. Joy’s goal is for her voice to have a positive impact in so many ways, such as to become an inspiring voice for important causes. From the humble beginnings of layering on the 4-track recorder to releasing her exciting upcoming EP, you need to hear and appreciate the talent that is Joy Ami. She is heading for a bigger and brighter star!

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