FRESH: 'Bad Guy' - Kurt Hugo Schneider and Emma Hesters

FRESH: ‘Bad Guy’ – Kurt Hugo Schneider and Emma Heesters

They want to be the bad guy!

by Jess Cambridge

American producer & musician Kurt Hugo Schneider has teamed-up alongside Dutch musician Emma Heesters to record a cover of Billie Eilish’s international hit “Bad Guy” – With a twist!

Originally written & produced by Billie Eilish & her brother Finneas, “Bad Guy” was the fifth single from Billie’s debut album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ & recently took the global charts by storm.

With its minimalist instrumentation provided by a mixture of finger snaps, synth bass & kick drum. Along with a variety of sarcastic & taunting lyrics that are aimed towards a former lover for acting like a ‘bad guy’.

This single took over a majority of our playlists (including mine) & received a large portion of positive reviews.

This has led to many artists’ taking to YouTube to provide their take on this truly iconic song, but how many of them have tried doing this in an IKEA?

That is what Kurt & Emma have done, by creating their version of the single by recording every element behind the song, only using what they find inside the superstore!

How does this work? Well, Kurt has created the backing track by using sounds only found inside the store, & mixing them to create the base for Emma to record her enchanting vocals on top (inside an IKEA wardrobe of course).

The end product will leave you astonished & have you questioning what other songs these two could create in other stores. A supermarket? Bakery? Who knows!

You can check out Kurt & Emma’s version of “Bad Guy”, along with behind the scenes footage,  below.

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