FRESH: ‘Scandinavian Summer’ – Roast Apple

Roast Apple enjoy a “Scandinavian Summer”!

by Christopher Smith

Roast Apple are the new poster boys for fresh and honest German Indie-Pop straight out of Hamburg. The music of their new EP “Young Hearts” more than lives up to its title. The four lads from the north of Germany, all in their early 20’s, sing about love, life and the Zeitgeist of their generation. When on stage Roast Apple unleash a ferocious energy with few equals.

With their sweaty shirts from jumping around the stage, accompanied by thumping bass rhythms and disco beats, you just have to experience the atmosphere and ambience of one of their gigs. Touring around Europe, Roast Apple appeared at the Skandaløs festival on the German-Danish border, the world exhibition in Milan and everywhere else in between. Their break came when they performed on TV for the legendary German WDR Rockpalast, cementing their national fanbase.

“Scandinavian Summer” is about the boys’ childhood that most of us spent near the German-Danish border. It’s about remembering what’s important when you are young and how wonderful life can be, once you’re out there in most beautiful nature with people you love. The song is produced by David Stoltzenberg and Henrik Menzel.

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