Charlie Yamson

FRESH: ‘You Say’ – Charlie Yamson

Charlie Yamson debuts with “You Say”.

by Christopher Smith

All giving up to give himself the means to realize his dream in a year, here is the crazy challenge that has launched Charlie Yamson, young artist-entrepreneur, self-taught and passionate singer-songwriter. An adventure that he invites you to share daily with the release of his first single “You Say”. We willingly lend to the romantic and modern pop/R & B accents of Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran. The influences of his childhood include Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The Beatles and James Morrison. Behind his piano, Charlie Yamson composes songs tinged with emotions. Emotions that young talent aspires to share with its audience. Charlie learned very early his first chords on the family piano before writing his own songs at the age of 16 years. For the teenager he is, things are clear: “I knew why I was done and I knew that I will be strong and tenacious to go to the end of my dream”.

At 20, between odd jobs and wandering, he travels the roads of France, Eastern Europe and Canada; a journey full of twists and resourcefulness where he will not stop provoking his luck by dint of obstinacy and work. A decisive meeting, that of his future producer, will soon give a boost to his destiny: Charlie Yamson then launches an ultimate challenge, giving up everything to devote himself entirely to his music. This adventure both artistic and entrepreneurial, in the pursuit of his dreams, he wants to share every detail, every moment with his audience through photos, videos and confessions to look like reports. The first studio recordings are released in 2019 and his first single “You Say” is the first to witness a story full of hope and determination. A story that Charlie Yamson invites you to follow, and to write with him.

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