FRESH: ‘Cell Block Lawyer’ – Visiteur

Visiteur are back with “Cell Block Lawyer”.

by Christopher Smith

“Cell Block Lawyer” is the first record John Lake and Sir Boyfriend wrote for Visiteur. It symbolises a move from a rockier sound to a more synth-influenced genre that we have come to call “techno glam”. The duo are also premiering a music video for this track.

Visiteur is a force of entertainment who have come here to bring you an unforgettable live show with techno glam—a mix of 80’s glam and 90’s pop, fuelled by ruthless bass lines, ritzy synths and robot harmonies. They are based on the idea that humans are merely visitors on this planet and we need to make the most of it. Some of us might have forgotten how fun it is to be alive and Visiteur is here to remind you of that!

Visiteur made their debut in 2018 with party banger “Royalty” (which we featured earlier this year) and have since built a hardcore fanbase in their hometown of Stockholm and started to conquer Europe. We are releasing one single every month with the goal of becoming the first band to play on the moon.

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