EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘Here Comes Summer’ – Jerry Keller

What was the number one song in the UK on 9th October 1959?

By Hayley Beasley Dye

For 1 week (in October!), American singer Jerry Keller was number one with Here Comes Summer.

This is an inoffensive, pleasant tune that smacks of 50s summer days. It has a repetitive nature to it, but this doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. I can only imagine the amount of times this has been used in TV and film to convey a typical summer scene set in the 50s.


“Here Comes Summer” was a 1958 song, which was written and performed by Jerry Keller. The song was released on Kapp Records in the United States and London Records in the United Kingdom.

In 1959 it spent 13 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 14, while spending one week at No. 1 on the UK’s New Musical Express chart, and reaching No. 8 on Norway’s VG-lista, and No. 4 on Canada’s CHUM Hit Parade. It was Keller’s only hit either side of the Atlantic. A popular misconception is that this song quotes the line “the sun shines bright” from the Stephen Foster song “My Old Kentucky Home”, but this is untrue as the line contained in “Here Comes Summer” is “oh, let the sun shine bright”.


“Here comes summer
School is out, oh, happy day
Here comes summer
I’m gonna grab my girl and run away
Here comes summer
We’ll go swimmin’ every day
And let the sun shine bright on my happy summer home
Well, school’s not so bad but summer’s better
It gives me more time to see my girl
Walks through the park ‘neath the shiny moon
When we kiss, she makes my flattop curl
It’s summer
I feel her lips so close to mine
Here comes summer
When we meet our hearts entwine
It’s the greatest
Let’s have summer all the time
Oh, let the sun shine bright on my happy summer home
Here comes summer (here comes summer)
Almost June the sun is bright
Here comes summer (here comes summer)
Drive-in movies every night
(Double features) double features
Lots more time to hold her tight
So let the sun shine bright on my happy summer home
Well, I’ve a long to hold my girl beside me
Sit by the lake ’til one or two
Go for a drive in the summer moonlight
Dream of a love, the whole night through
It’s summer
She’ll be with me every day
Here comes summer
Meet the gang at Joe’s Cafe
If she’s willing
We’ll go steady right away
Oh, let the sun shine bright on my happy summer home
(Oh, let the sun shine bright)
Here comes summer time at last!”

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