FRESH: ‘Save Me A Dance’ – Dantevilles

British group Dantevilles release their brand new EP!

by Christopher Smith

From their hometown of Manchester, Dantevilles are regenerating alternative music at the same rate as the city regenerates itself. Soulful and diverse, their clean, canny guitars and dual vocals reimagine the city’s sound through the crisp architecture of their atypical arrangements. As England’s industrial noise dissolves, Dantevilles sing songs for a new north.

Their new EP “Welcome To The Theatre” showcases exactly why they have come so far in the past year. 2019 has seen Dantevilles complete a successful UK tour with DHP, as well as Huw Stephens championing their latest two singles on Radio 1. Now honing in on a darker, and more visceral sound, it is the perfect example of the exuberant new side to the band, previously unseen. “Save Me A Dance” is the vibrant, up-beat offering which instantly grabs the listener, locking them into it’s addictive grooves whilst capturing their hearts lyrically.

The Band say “We wanted to express our personality through our music. This EP is us as a four piece producing music as we’d like it to sound.” From the theatrical vocal delivery ‘Soundscape’ to the Samba style fervour of the drum patterns in “Save Me A Dance” with the grand finale that is the boldly atmospheric “Confession”. “This is a body of music we’re proud of and want to show the world”.

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