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FRESH: ‘Oil, Love and Oxygen’ – Dave Robertson & The Kiss List

Australia’s Dave Robertson and his band The Kiss List release “Oil, Love and Oxygen”.

by Christopher Smith

“Oil, Love and Oxygen” is a contemplative song about the human contribution to the climate crisis. Australia group Dave Robertson and The Kiss List have addressed the political side in other songs (such as “Rogue State”), but this is where they most directly address the emotional side of it. Recently the group made a music video for the song using footage from the 1938 film ‘The Playful Polar Bears’. Remarkably, this required no editing!

It just fitted perfectly. The choir part was an impromptu gathering of friends at the end of a house concert. Dave first played this song as a duo with Marie O’Dwyer who plays the piano part on this version. The almost subliminal organ part is Rachel playing a 1960’s electric organ she found on the side of the road. The song is the title on the band’s album, a collection of songs about kissing, climate change, cult 70s novels and more kissing!

So, Dave Robertson sings about kissing, climate change, cult 70s novels and more kissing. He loves concocting lyrics that are cheeky and deadly serious in equal measures, pondering the contradictions and beauty of everyday life. Dave’s unique compelling voice and percussive acoustic guitar work appeals to young and old, yet refuses to be locked in any single genre box. The Kiss List bring a playful element to Dave’s song craft. Rachel Armstrong warms the folk cockles with violin and mandolin, Tore Pedersen slips in some seriously slinky bass lines, Merle “alt-folk professor” Fyshwick gets behind the skins (showing he can play a dozen instruments in as many bands) and Rob Findlay adds a pop/rock sensibility with tasty little licks of electric guitar.

The Kiss List have just released “Oil, Love and Oxygen”. Recorded across ten houses and almost as many years, it is diverse mix of bittersweet indie folk, pop, rock and blues. Ian Shepherd, founder of Dynamic Range Day, mastered the album in the UK. It follows Dave’s “Little Scientist” EP that proved popular on radio around Australia, including Triple J. Dave’s gig highlights include the Nannup, Fairbridge, Earthdance and Fremantle festivals, West Coast Blues and Roots Fringe, supporting The Basics (featuring Gotye) in Tasmania and the sultry Canadian singer-songwriter Carolyna Lovely in Vancouver, and performing the political “Rogue State” to thousands at a Walk Against Warming rally in Fremantle. Dave’s influences include Paul Kelly, Ryan (not Bryan) Adams, Ani Difranco, Timothy Carroll, Dar Williams, Damien Rice, Bright Eyes, The Violent Femmes, The Cure, REM, Radiohead, Billy Bragg, M Ward.

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