FRESH: ‘Raspberry Sky’ – Shane Anderson

Shane Anderson releases “Raspberry Sky”.

by Christopher Smith

Contemporary US R&B singer and songwriter Shane Anderson has released two cracking new tracks, “Raspberry Sky” and “Summer”, in addition to his most recent third studio album “I.N.F.J.” and a number of singles either side of this project. Shane’s music has traveled far and wide, reaching over 2.5 million digital plays and having had several placements on networks and shows. His music is unstoppable and will only continue to flourish as he focuses on releasing new, engaging and spellbinding songs.

Shane Anderson is based out of Sacramento, CA. The son of a military veteran, Shane was born in Landstuhl, Germany and spent portions of his early life in Germany and then Hawaii in his teens, then moving to California to focus on music. While living in Bay Area, he experienced a tragic loss of his closest friend, which prompted him to write and record his first self-debut album “Dangerous”, which gained great success on social media platform MySpace with over two million plays and multiple TV/FILM placements to include Kardashians, MTV, BET, just to name a few.

Shane started to make a name for himself in 2009 but quickly disappeared from the music artist scene and social media. Now nine years later, Shane has followed this success up with the albums “Feelings” (2018) and “I.N.F.J.” released earlier this year. Shane has released a number of new track in succession since this album, including “Introvert” and “Divn”. Shane’s new music is already making waves and although he likes to remain mysterious, the world will soon know who Shane Anderson is!

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