FRESH: ‘Sunshine (One Love)’ – SHIVA

SHIVA loves “Sunshine (One Love)”.

by Christopher Smith

Native to a small town nestled in the Himalayan ranges of North India, SHIVA is a singer, songwriter and producer who seems to recognize no frontiers between musical styles, and instead blends a spectrum of sounds into his songs ranging from EDM to R&B/Soul. Realizing his passion for music at the young age of 17, SHIVA started penning original songs inspired by artists such as Jason Mraz, Eminem, Linkin Park and Michael Jackson. Unable to find a platform in India to showcase his global taste in music, SHIVA moved to the United States to pursue his musical aspirations.

While simultaneously receiving a Master’s degree in order to maintain a legal status within the United States, SHIVA started working on his own music in Los Angeles and attracted interest from other artists and producers. This led to a partnership with Atlanta-based music producer, Chris Lane, with whom SHIVA now makes music full-time. A digital nomad, SHIVA frequently travels the world, seeking opportunities to engage with diverse cultures and to draw inspiration for creating new music. SHIVA is currently working on his debut album after finishing a quartet of singles reflecting his journey. He is dedicated to being a voice for third world dreamers, and infuses such cultural elements into his music.

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