FRESH: ‘Crystal Clear’ – Druzy

Druzy release “Crystal Clear”.

by Christopher Smith

Druzy have released their newest single “Crystal Clear”, a high-energy pop song that is chock-full of creative, artistic ideas that help separate itself from most in the pop genre. Filled with vintage drum machines, synthesizers, and pianos used in a modern way, the soundscape with its unique swing style makes it feel quite fresh in today’s music landscape. The song is about pursuing your passions while facing adversity and having clear, determined intentions.

Druzy are a duo that’s more than their neo-80s pop sound and eccentric but cool image. The two have found that creating music and art is a profound way for them to express themselves on life, relationships, and the universe. Bri Conroy and Luc Alexiades met at Berklee College of Music and quickly developed a strong partnership that turned romantic. Coincidentally being from the same hometown, they decided to go all in on Druzy, left school early and moved back to Los Angeles.

The couple began crafting their electronic, dancy sound and released two EP’s and three singles including “How You Feel”, which landed on a sizable amount of music blogs, major Spotify playlists, and racked up over 120,000 streams. This landed them shows all over Southern California (SpaceTwenty, Ace Hotel), helped Druzy make it into Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist multiple times and placed two songs in MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

The duo took two years off of releasing content to focus on their mental health, but kept working on music the whole time, refining their sound, taking inspiration from groovy pop songs from the 80’s. With vintage drum machines and synthesizers combined with a focus on catchy and emotionally clever vocals, the two are back with confidence and a trove of songs to match it. Bri and Luc are finishing off 2019 with their first big release back, “Crystal Clear”. Druzy aim for a determined effort back in the music game with four more singles to quickly follow.

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