Robbie Hutton

FRESH: ‘Too Late’ – Robbie Hutton

Robbie Hutton says it’s “Too Late”.

by Christopher Smith

“It’s about the pain of love. Sometimes, the longer you try to make it work, the harder it all becomes. That’s the way it goes with some relationships: Eventually, it all falls to pieces and you both go your separate ways. It may well be for the best, but you are still heartbroken. And, really, that’s the mood I wanted to try and capture with Too Late. It is all about that stage where you are together and trying your best to keep it going, but it’s slowly coming apart and you both know it. It’s not drawn from any single experience but a bit of an amalgam. But I’m sure there will be people out there who have been through something similar and can relate”.

A shining example of modern independent songwriting, Robbie Hutton has carved his unique sound from a mixture of soulful pop and ballad-driven rock. Reaching back into his own experiences to create modern tales of heartbreak, catharsis and loss, the Stirling man possesses a classic grasp of storytelling so often neglected today. With a diverse catalogue and an impressive vocal range, the 25-year-old has the capacity to reach a huge range of audiences, with each song bringing something different to the table.

For Robbie, 2019 has been a massive year with no less than three single releases – all featuring top-quality music videos – and a number of high-profile shows across the country, including the Sing on the Bing and Sruighlea festivals. This follows on from solo dates at King Tut’s, The Clutha, PJ Molloy’s and more. His latest singles “Waves”, “Battlefield” and “Too Late”, have all been well-received, with more new material scheduled for release early in 2020, to bolster more expansive live shows. “It’s all about continuing to push yourself,” the singer insists. “I’m not interested in staying still. I’m as keen to guide my music as much as I want to simply see where it takes me”.

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