In Search of Darkness

REVIEW: ‘In Search Of Darkness’ – Iconic 80’s Horror in Music and Film

“In Search Of Darkness” – The Original Soundtrack

In case you hadn’t already seen it, ‘In Search of Darkness’ is a new film/documentary that’s been made by CreatorVC Studios as a joint UK/US production, exploring the cult of 1980’s horror films and characters. A mixture of interview and film, its production was made possible by a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which raised the initial £99,478 to get the project off the ground. A later Indiegogo campaign boosted produced by a further £234,000 that allowed the film to be completed.

‘In Search of Darkness’ is directed, produced and written by American journalist David A. Weiner, and features giant names in 80’s film such as John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Barbara Crampton, Alex Winter as well as Slipknot singer Corey Taylor and dozens of other 80’s alumni from acting and production, all of whom worked on some of the most famous films of the decade. Films that include ‘Creepshow’, ‘Halloween’, ‘Predator’, ‘Evil Dead’ and of course ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’!

Most exciting of all, for music fans, is the soundtrack which comes from various artists and released through NewRetroWave Records! Running at over an hour long, the score is one long homage to 80’s electro-synthwave, the music of the time, and there are some superb and haunting tunes in there! NRW veterans Waveshaper, Tokyo Rose, Alex and VileMoral, and many others are all in there on the 16 track album that accompany’s the film. Listen and enjoy 80’s geeks!

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